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Cancer Care

cancer Care

Hourly or 24hr Care – Whatever You Need!

PamCare offers a wide range of health and personal services in the home or within a facility. Whether a person is being treated for cancer, is recovering from it, or has an advanced disease, we can customize a care program designed specifically for you. We can support you in meeting your specific nutritional, emotional, and physical needs.. 

We are well versed in the side effects of certain treatments. From a change in appetite or physical capabilities to a shift in your energy levels. We can help you establish a wellness plan to aide in the care and support of your recovery. Food is the best medicine. The key is eating the right food. We understand that in addition to being nutritional it must also taste good.

We have special recipes for soups, smoothies and organic entrees that will heal your body and give you the energy that you need to carry on. The goal of any cancer care is to give you the best possible quality of life. You want to feel as good as you can for as long as you can. Talk to your cancer care team about what’s important to you. Tell them what you want to be able to keep doing. You have the right to be the decision-maker in planning your treatment.

We are on the referral list of Houston’s top tier physicians, surgeons, skilled nursing facilities and hospitals.